Spill The Candi

Tailor-made crafts to help value your memories and experiences whilst treasuring the lovely parts of everyday life…

Biscuits & a brew!

So I think I finally recovered from my intense making session 🙂 Why do all us creatives do that? Make everything as complicated as possible..it just doesn’t seem right if it’s simple! So today I relaxed with the best tea in the world…my cardamom tea!!!

Cardamom tea! Just crush a couple of whole green Cardamom into your tea for a gentle spice 🙂


But the only thing missing was a bourbon and a lil’notebook!


If you haven’t tried cardamom seeds in your tea, I highly recommend it yummmmm 🙂


The only thing missing was one of my new bourbon key rings and a lil' book for notes 🙂


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