Spill The Candi

Tailor-made crafts to help value your memories and experiences whilst treasuring the lovely parts of everyday life…

Tomorrow I learn to knit for the lil’ rescue dogs :)

Join me tomorrow at the monthly Craft Collective event! I’m not sure why I never learned to knit….one of this things I’ve always wanted to do but never sat down and actually learnt. I was bought a shaun the sheep knitting kit once…I didn’t even complete the shape of his lil’ fluffy body before my cat decided to unthread the bundle and put me out of my misery! But I’ve decided to challenge myself once again! So if you also want to learn to knit or if your are a dab hand at it or anything in-between, pop in and start a  comfort blanket for one of the more sensitive dogs at Battersea.

Apart from the knitting there will be a brilliant decoupage taster from new Collective members Nova+Lorsten Decoupage, we will be continuing our curtain project (yes we are nearly there!) and of course there will be a mini craft emporium, selling an exciting array of handmade goodies.

Hmmm and what’s the cake this month I hear you ask….well I’ve heard on the grapevine… it involves lemon and poppyseed 🙂

Ohh and I forgot to mention the aromatherapy hand massage also available…wow what a packed today! I’ll definitely have to treat my bookbinding hands to a massage me thinks 🙂

See you there! xxx


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