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A little round up of the week

The week got off to a great start as I went on a little adventure of Dulwich with two of the lovelies friends and we saw lots of delightful shops. It has such a lovely high street with lots of individual shops, all the the gifts, clothes and little treasures you can think of. With a good sprinkling of bars, cafes and good food to go round too! I absolutely love the beautifully colourful books which I picked up in the local charity shop for £1 each!!! Aren’t they gorgeous, they come with that GOOD book smell too, if you know what I mean! Overall a really lovely relaxed day with great company full of inspiration and the excited sharing of ideas when you can say them to each other fast enough!

Inspiring charity shop books

Inspiring charity shop books!

Later in the week I relaunched my website...candipops.com. I have to say the world of html and website building is not a natural one to me, in-fact it’s pretty alien but I braved it and after months of sweat, tears and a huge chunk of work I’m pretty happy with the results, please take a look.

All new candipops website

The all new Candipops website

So today I am going to be busy baking…what cake this time I hear you say…NO cake for a change! Oh no! It’s actually dog biscuits, yes DOG biscuits!! How lucky is my dog! Well actually they are for a cute little event called “Bark in the Park’ in my local park. There will be games and competitions for the dogs, stalls selling these adorable dog collars and bow ties and Battersea Dogs & Cats will be there to chip your dog free of charge (I also hear they are bringing a runway with them for the games-impressive eh!) Hopefully the rain clears up but photos of biscuits to follow soon 🙂 I’m off to bake and tease my biscuit loving dog, have a great thursday xxx

Up-cycled shirt collars

Just one f the beautiful collars made from up-cycled shirts!


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