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CRAFTmate – How does doing something creative make you feel?

Come and join us!!

Telegraph Hill Craft Collective

CRAFTmate is here! Saturday 15 June, 11am – 4pm, Telegraph Hill Centre

Bringing people together to share the buzz that is so often built up when sitting and creating things with others….

How does doing something creative make you feel?

Hexagon shaped fabric patch with "lost in my own little world" stitched in black thread, spiralling into the centre.

We’re very excited about this project which we hope will grow and grow and help bring people together to share their thoughts and feelings about doing something creative. The idea is that we get our feelings down on hexagaon patches – stitched, printed, painted, or whatever you like! – then join them up with other CRAFTmates to create a huge patchwork conversation. Then we’ll tell the world how being creative makes us feel by exhibiting the growing patchwork in lots of venues across South London, starting mid-July, and sharing images of our messages on our Facebook page.

Take part

  • Make a patch: Use the instructions and tempate available here…

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