Spill The Candi

Tailor-made crafts to help value your memories and experiences whilst treasuring the lovely parts of everyday life…


A designer-maker, proud dog-owner and excitable cake-maker, I love to design and make hand-crafted products. From my cosy and warm studio crammed full of pots of glitter, gorgeous hand-dyed papers, wonderful tools and more; I like nothing more then to play, trial and develop innovative product ideas.
In need of a new burst of creative inspiration in my everyday life, I trained as a book artist and fell in love with the way books are made, becoming little galleries in your hands. Little pockets of intriguing information, brought to life in a outstanding way that makes you explore a book with fresh eyes. But like a true maker, I am like a magpie for crafts and love to have a go at lots of other types of crafts and combine these…oh, and I love to bake too!

me quote

In the bustling times in which we live, it is hard to find the time to make a note of all the great things that affect us. I look at how we preserve our memories, value our everyday experiences and how I can make products which make that more do-able. My products are tailor-made with a story to tell; partly from my own memories; my inspiration to make them, what they represent and how they were made. Many will also tap into your own experiences or memories (everyone has a happy Bourbon-eating memory, yes?!)

I continue to make, to pass on my skills to enable and inspire others and somehow I also find a bit of time to make a (usually large) cake and enjoy some tea!


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