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Biscuit Town range

Biscuit Town

I have a sweet tooth. I admit it. Now I can justify it, my mum decided that young Candida was to only eat sweet things and sweets at the weekend. Weeks were very long for me, weekends were far too short (sound familiar?) and thus young candida grew into an adult sugar fiend. Cakes, sweets, chocolate, you name it, I love it! But biscuits were always a very special treat for me when I was young. The memory of looking at that plate of four (that was a precise number determined at some point by my mum) bourbons, custard creams or sometimes a surprise appearance (chocolate disgestive, choc chip cookies, to name a few) always makes me think of how I would smile and just be so exstaticly happy, savoring each one. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that while looking for a bit of new inspiration with my usual biscuit and cuppa, I got to wondering ‘so whats the story behind these special bourbons?’ and the Biscuit Town range was born:

A little research into the Bourbon opened a whole world of biscuit greatness that I couldn’t have predicted. The bourbon was invented in 1910 by ‘Peek Freans’, a biscuit factory which turned out to be MY LOCAL factory! Peek Freans employed generations of Bermondsey residents for over 120 years. The area became know as “Biscuit Town’ and when speaking to local residents they recalled the smell of biscuits which filled the air! Suddenly I discovered that many friends and local residents had a grandma or uncle that had worked in the factory. Inspired by the memories and stories I had heard, I created the ‘Biscuit Town’ range to commemorate those who worked for the factory and to to get these Iconic biscuits full of childhood memories back into our daily lives.

The keyrings are baked just like the real thing & the stationary is printed with the rubber stamps I have carved by hand.

Have look at the range and claim your piece of ‘almost edible history’


Take me to the shop!


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