Spill The Candi

Tailor-made crafts to help value your memories and experiences whilst treasuring the lovely parts of everyday life…

Made to order

I believe in making sure we treasure our memories and experiences and this can be seen through my products which focus on ways we can preserve our memories, big or small. Commissions are a great way to create this. I am very happy to work together on a hand-bound book, memory file, or even handmade buttons to make sure that your memories are presented in a personal and meaningful way to you or the person you are giving to.

Using discussions we have and meaningful materials (such as fabrics from old clothes, curtains etc.) I can create your treasured gift or we can make it together, allowing you to be involved in the designing and making process.

If you would like to give someone special a one-of-a-kind gift, please get in touch and see how we can work together. Alternatively, I am also available to make books for more commercial use or to create a tailored course to your needs.

Click to seemore made to order work

Click to see more made to order work


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